30 Years Strong
What We Offer

Programme/Level Structure

The different levels that we provide can change depending upon members requirements and class numbers.

We currently offer:

  • Kindernastics - For children 1½ to 4½ year olds.
  • Beginner Fun Gym Classes - Ages 5-14 years, both boys and girls.
  • Youth Beginner Recreational Classes - Ages 14+, both boys and girls.
  • Gym Star* Levels 1 – 3 Classes - both boys and girls.
  • Gym Star* Levels 4 – 7 Classes - both boys and girls.
  • NDP Levels 1-3 - girls only.
  • State Stream** Levels 4 – 10 - girls only.

* Gym Star is a both a recreational and competitive programme – it is designed for those gymnasts who either just want to do the sport for fun without having to do any competitions or, for those that do want to do fun comeptitions - it is up to you! Competitions are run with awards for the best performance by gymnasts however competitions are run in a relaxed atmosphere compared to State levels.

** The State and NDP Stream is for higher level, competitive gymnasts - the atomosphere is much more strict compared to Gym Star.